Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship

19 02 2009


This band has been around in various incarnations for many years. It wasn’t until Andrew moved back to Omaha after a stint in Arizona that the band started taking things seriously and added drummer Rob Webster. The name for the band’s EP came about like much of their music does, randomly and by accident. Gustafson describes how the band was watching a documentary on a cult leader when the name came to them, “They started to interview this guy who claimed that he was the second coming of Christ. He wouldn’t refer to himself as Jesus and it showed this lady and the interviewer asked her what the cult leader’s name was. She said the first time I met him he said, ‘My name is what is your name is.’ We laughed about it and then eventually thought it was pretty interesting. We then thought it fit in with the songs and everything. As a band you want to do what the people want, but at the same time you want to fight that and not cater to people as well. We are who you are, but we are who you think we are as well.”

Noah’s ark was a Spaceship – My name is What is your name

1. Adult Sized Skeletal

2. Contructing Destruction

3. Mood Swing Morale

4. Reverse Effects in Jumping Jacks

5. The Coughing Show

6. Wish You Weren’t here


Noah’s ark was a Spaceship – EP Demo

1. Pepsi Products

2. The Clap

3. Old Style


From the Mouth of Andrew:
“…suggest everyone who downloads the album burns at least two copies for someone they know, who in turn will have to burn two copies for someone they know, etc. etc.”




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